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Life has been great to me and my family, words are not enough to describe my joy and happiness. My parent sacrifies their all to see me through school which almost brought them to nothing. After my nursing program i couldn’t get a better paid job and i prays everyday for a better job. I came across Afro Asia jobs advert and i applied, they helped them through the whole process of application till i got to my Job place. Now am able to take good care of my parents and younger ones without any stress or fear because the salary is very ecouranging. Thanks so much to Afro Asia Inc for providing me this job which has changed my life and my families also. Afro Asia you guys are the best.

Liezel Agapito
Nurse RN, Ottawa, Canada

Life is beautiful and pleasant thanks to Afro Asia Jobs. All my life i have prayed for a better life and making the best out of life. Afro Asia are truly a blessing to our Asia communities. I was having fears and doubts but they prove me wrong and filled my life with happiness. They are reliable and trusthworthy, everyone do have fears but AfroAsia are totally different. Have been working in Sydney 2years as a Caregiver with reasonable income/salary, i have done things i never believe i would be able to do, all my siblings are now in college thanks to AFROASIA JOBS. My life is blessed and am grateful to AFRO ASIA JOBS for making it possible.

Lilibeth Homobono
CAREGIVER, Sydney, Australia

AFRO ASIA JOBS you guys make my life worth living. Its has been my dream to live and work abroad to earn a better salary and give my kids a better life i never had but i became so scared and worried because some of my friends working abroad don’t have proper documents and good salary but my own story is totally differents thanks to AFRO ASIA JOBS. I have all legal documents to work and live, i have no fears or worries, the salary is unbelievable and very attractive, wonderful living conditions and everyone treat you with respect and kindness. Am short of words, you guys (AFRO ASIA JOBS) are awesome. Thanks so much for adding meaning to my life.

Chesa Danilo
CAREGIVER, Manitoba, Canada

Dreams do come through if only your let go of your fears and worries and believe you will make it. I lost my dad when i was just 12years old, my mom did all she can to see me through my school. life was hard beyond words but i never stopped dreaming. I really can’t find words to describe how happy i am now, my life has drastically change for good all thanks to AfroAsia for their truthfullness and for making my dream come to light.

Catherine Aquino
Nurse RN, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Smiles all over my face, my heart bleeds beyond joy. Its all started as a joke, everything is worth giving a trial. Afro Asia Jobs gave my life a meaning. My application was successfull and i patiently follow the process step by steps, AfroAsia Jobs are just great with everything. I enjoy my job, the living environment is perfect , nice salary. Am so so happy happy, Afro Asia you guys rocks.

Jocelyn Eugenio
Assistant Nurse, Perth, Australia

Afro Asia job placement are just the best, it’s amazing how everything works out. I was worried but everything turns out to be amazing. i am so happy. Working as a Nurse in Australia is just awesome, great atmosphere, great people and importantly the salary is amazing. Am really happy i made this move. Thanks so much Afro Asia Job

Mary Joy Mendoza
NURSE RN, Perth, Australia

Life in Newcastle is so amazing, it is like am living in heaven. Everywhere is peaceful and everyone is lovely. I really thought i was getting good life at my former placement but i really can’t thank Afro Asia Job enough for giving meaning to my life and adding value to the life of my family. Now i can save good amount out of my salary also send reasonable amount to my family back home. Afro Asia are the best and i really cant thank them enough.

Abigail Bautista
CAREGIVER, Newcastle, Australia

When i thought all hope is lost, AFRO ASIA came through and shine lights into my world. I am so glad i applied. Some friends made me scared, but i decided to follow my heart and am so so thankful i never answer to their fearful words. Now they are fighting to apply and get same chance. Afroasia job fill my heart much happiness. I peacefully take care of my kids the best way i ever wanted. thanks you afroasia

Jessa Mae Villanueva
CAREGIVER, Auckland, New Zealand

What else can i say, than thank you so much Afroasia. am speechless how everything becomes. I have never thought my story can change to this level. Good living, great salary, nice  and respectful people. I fully support my family now. Thanks so afroasia for giving me this opportunity and making this great change in my life. 

Althea Aquino
NURSE RN, Sydney, Australia

If i ever want to say thanks to Afro Asia jobs it will never be enough. I was really tired of my previous placement, bad salary, bad living conditions and my families can’t visit. Working over 4years in same country was really horrible. I luckily stubble on afro asia job late last year, i applied just give it a try but i now look back and felt very happy that i applied then. Working here in Perth, Australia as assistant nurse is beyond what i ever dreamt about. My life has completely transformed within a short time. Thanks so much Afro asia, you guys rock.

Aurora Del Rosario
Assistant Nurse, Perth, Australia

It a warm feelings to know you are walking at the right path and that’s what Afro asia does to your life. They redirect your life and set it on the right track. I have been working for a long time and had nothing to show for it, it was very heartbreaking and heartaching seeing you work and still lack. A friend who had gain placement with Afro Asia introduce afro asia to me, and encourange me to also apply, my application was success and the rest became history. Within 2years of working here in Brisbane, Australia hmmm i can boast of alot of things i have achieved. Afroasia job placement are simply the best and very thankful to them for the new life i have now, my family are relocating to join me soon also thanks to Afroasia. 

Rosamie Garcia
Assistant Nurse, Brisbane, Australia

Afro Asia are great, their placement is fast, nice and ease. Been working as caregiver for some time now and things was not good because what i was making is too low with so much work. Got to know about Afro Asia job through a friend who applied through, she encouraged me to apply, and i did. Since i arrive in Rotterdam, Netherlands my entire life has been transform, it just seems am dream, very lovely place, friendly people and having good salary is just too good to be true. My heart is so joyous, Afro Asia job placement thanks so much for everything, right now whole worries and fears of the future has gone.

Yashodha Jayarathna
Caregiver, Rotterdam, Netherlands

This people are really nice and changes people live, caregive work is hard, and being pay low and treated unfairly is really not good. I was very tired of my previous placement where i had work for over three years, and couldn’t have much show for it. Saw Afro Asia job placement advert, i applied and i got a placement which has transform my whole life in a short time. My family are fully supported now and everything is going smoothly only thanks to Afro Aisa Job placement for making this possible.

Harshani Jayakody
Caregiver, The Hague, Netherlands

they are really good

How amazing to be living in Wellington, it’s like a paradize, everyday seems like a fairy tail. I was wondering why i have not come across Afro Asia job placement since, when i have been going through a lot at my previous placement. very lovely salary, everyone respect one another with love and care. Am really happy am among the few that made it with their application. God bless afro asia for changing my life and giving my life hope. thanks am so happy with everything over here in Wellington, New Zealand


Nadeesha Weerasooriya
Caregiver, Wellington, New Zealand

Merely wishes can’t bring those things you desires and want in life to you, except you stand up to it and make it happen. This is my story. Being a breadwinner in a family is not easy, work as a nurse somewhere for  five years plus but still struggling with life. Always seeking ways to bettering my condition, so i can help my family properly, it all happens when i got this new placement with Afro Asia Job placement. Am really glad my application was picked and to be working in Melbourne as assistant nurse is really a blessing and miracle to me. 

Each moment spent here in this beautiful place is priceless and great. I was discouraged while applying for this placement but am really happy i followed my heart because it’s really awesome being here in Melbourne Australia as a nurse, nice salary and loving people. Thanks so much Afro asia for all this new blessings that’s occuring in my life. 

Mahalia Agtutubo
Nursing Assistant, Melbourne, Australia

Thanks to my mom who thought me some things about, one of which has kept and brought me this far in life. Really wished you are alive to thank you. My mom used to say, you don’t tell your friends everything or your next move, it should be between me and God. Being a single mother and nothing having much to give to your kids as you love to is very heartbreaking but Afro Asia job placement has changed all that with this placement. Very loving people and thanks for guiding me through every process, you guy are the best

Blessica Villanueva
Nursing Assistant, Vancouver, Canada

Am so blessed to be working here in Toronto wow it’s a place you should do anything to be. Afro asia jobs inc are extremely swift and nice, if more placement company can be like this, am sure every woman will be smiling all through their lives. Now i can help my family fully without any stress. so glad i made it and being among the selected few. Thanks so much afro asia

Luzviminda Bautista
Assistant Nurse, Toronto, Canada

Their is always light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not always easy but with Asia Job placement / Afro Jobs placement it look very easy. Worked in Saudi Arabia for over 5years as staff nurse, i did thought everything was very fine until my contract was renew for no reason i could understand. I couldn’t believe such thing could happen to me, i didn’t no what to do and i really didn’t want to relocate back to the  Philppines, my whole family depends on me.

My life was in bad state because i was really stressed. I came afro asia job advert and i quickly apply. I was very worried and scared of so much things, but everything went smothly in a very well. My application was successful as a Nurse US, now i can clearly say life is good because everything i have now is much much better than my former work place. Have been working here in San Francisco, USA for almost 2years, i can’t thank this agency enough for making my dreams come through. Afro asia you guys rock and you are fully the best. very reliable and fast.

Evangeline Añonuevo
Nurse, San Francisco, United States

If you their could be a better way to show appreciation to afro asia job, i will do that in multiple time. My life has become what i never expected it to be. Working as a caregiver at an hospital  in Boston, USA is the greatest thing ever. Great environment, amazing salary most especially the great and loving people i do work with. Afro asia jobs makes it happen for me and i deeply happy to have applied. Thank you so much afro asia for this new life you have given me and my family.

Angelyn Buenaventura
Caregiver, Boston, United States

It’s a privilege to have come across Afro Asia, frankly I was so devastated and frustrated of life because, I have been working for over 9years in Saudi Arabia. And it has been a struggle, there is no single respect nor did they even regard someone, the welfare is not something one can be proud about.

Afro Asia job placement is totally different from any agency you can ever imagine, their process is swift. I was so worry about the outcome of everything due to my previous experience and sometimes you call their lines but it won’t go through hahahhaha but I did hold myself strong and not letting side talks create more disturbances to my mind.

 I was extremely happy when I got my whole papers and I have been working here in Boston, Massachusetts as a Dialysis Nurse for 6years now.

My life has completely different; my kids are all here with me now. Frankly Afro aisa are beyond other agency, I just everyone will know about them because they are simply a life changing people. Thank you so much afro asia placement for making the lives of my family great.

Sampaguita Mercado
Dialysis Nurse, Boston, United States

Happiness is way beyond what I feels whenever I hear the word Afroasia job placement abroad because they really did changed my world and that of my family. I was thinking everything was pretty fine and great lol until i start working in the state, I can say is wow. If you are a nurse out there i think you should aspire for greatness; A friend of mine gave me Afroasia contact, i never expect my application to be successful but serious it did. Am truly overwhelm with everything, the salary is too good and just so amazing. Seriously I felt my previous placement elsewhere was wasted time of my life but am deeply grateful to afroasia for making up my whole lost years. Have been back to school here in the state, earn all necessary certification programs, it has been amazing so far. Am just patiently waiting for my family to join me here which afroasia is also working on for me. Afroasia placement is really a life changing agency.

Floribeth Timbancaya
NURSE ICU, Weston, United States

I was really surprised with the nature of facilities the hospital I was placed have. It really mind blowing, it makes you feeling happy to always be present at work, nice and loving people that fully respect you regardless to where you from, the love here is just too awesome.

 Afroasia job placement i can’t thank you enough for making this impossible possible, I had applied through different agency and it all ends in different stories.

This placement just make feel so super human, working in Alaska which share border with Canada make it sooooooo lovely, one can basically drive to Canada.

Working in Anchorage as a Midwife is just too excellent for me with a wonderful income. Afro Asia thank you a million for giving me this opportunity, Best agency i have ever come across in my life time.

Jaslene Salazar
Nurse Midwife, Anchorage, Alaska, United States


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