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Who We Are

We provide HR consulting services across industry segments, recruitment levels and geographies. Our global reach takes our clients’ search for talent to markets beyond those provided by traditional recruitment companies.

We Are Value Driven

Since inception we have been committed to customizing our solutions to suit our client’s needs. We engage with companies worldwide to outsource or transfer their recruitment activities either partly or completely.

What Can We Do For You?

Regardless of the domain you function in or the size of your firm, Afro Asia Inc can deliver a customized solution for you. While qualifications and experience clearly matter, We go an extra mile to fit a personality to a job.

We Are Progressive

Afro Asia Inc is a one-stop shop for all staffing requirements while maintaining an easy-to-access, agile, flexible and local approach. We invest in various databases of active and passive candidates. Our recruiters headhunt and source candidates from networking tools such as LinkedIn, Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, Plaxo and Blogging Platforms. Mint signifies freshness. While our experience fortifies us, we’re constantly adapting to new situations and keeping abreast of the latest trends in the Industry. Recruitment is about people, and people are dynamic. To cater to this ever changing segment we cannot help but nurture flexibility and open-mindedness.

AFRO-ASIA INC is the leading new phase of employment and staffing solution, we provides international service in numerous sector with skilled and unskilled professionals. We handle migration and immigration with Job placement within European and American countries, we are best to know for our services. Over the years, we have placed over 300 nannies in hospitals and homes with legal working documents, we have placed over 217 skilled professionals in several countries with legal document that enable to move move with their family to new countries. We are also a registered member/body under UNICEF & UNAIDS which aim to reduce poverty from the Asia communities. We secure vacancy with traveling documents for FEMALES who are NURSES, RN, DOCTORS, CAREGIVERS & NANNIES in AUSTRALIA, FRANCE, GREECE, NEW ZEALAND, CANADA, NETHERLANDS, also MALE & FEMALE Dairy Farm worker in AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, UK and SCOTLAND


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